in between linez (2018)

  • 35:55 minutes
  • HDTV
  • TOP rating

This movie shows a outstanding and powerfull hook suspension scene with Tuka, Bloody Julietz, Anuskatzz and Little z.

Beside of it Little z transform into Lily and get fucked by Anniflyz, Miss Orz and Anuskatzz. For all 'femdom' lovers this film is a MUST because this sadisfaction little lily get gives you the most of joy. As extra special we present two blow job main scenes with Madam Mandalaz, Space Kitty and a nice threesome with Little z, Anuskatzz and Space Kitty.
Between all the sexual parts the movie will show you a beautiful ritualistic face bleeding from Yakez.

Directed and edited by Little Swastika. You can be shure  this is by far his masterpiece right now.


– AWARD WINNER – Best Eros & XXX – Med.Film.Fest 2018

– OFFICIAL SELECTION – REAF – International.Art.Show 2018

– OFFICIAL SELECTION – Kill Jim – International.Film.Fest 2018

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January 21, 2020 13:48 ★★★★★

So much love in this one as well as brilliant art💚